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Studio experiments; projecting images of 3D spaces onto 2D paper cutouts (paper depict ancient Greek classical sculpture)

'Votive V541.r' and 'Votive V831.t' Theresa Caruana 2012


Studio Testing - Mother/Grandmother/Child/Grandchild Sculpture Theresa Caruana 2012

'Appropriation # 73.5' Theresa Caruana 2013

'Appropriation # 98.4' Theresa Caruana 2013

Fundilia / Diana; the mist between the real and the mythological



Who is Fundilia?

With two full size marble portraits carved with great artistry and found in the central chamber of The Goddess Diana’s temple she must have been an important woman.

The healing sanctuary on the north shore of lake Nemi was of great importance to ancient Romans, a site of veneration frequented by the Roman Emperor himself.  

However women’s status in public life was limited and life size sculpture’s depicting the likeness of a Roman woman are very rare. Even more compelling is the fact that one of the sculptures was commissioned in dedication to her by a freed slave who became a celebrated Roman actor. This veneration by a slave to his past master is not uncommon, what is unusual is for a woman to have owned a slave in the first place.

The mysteries of Fundilia are even carved into the very stone of her sculptures. Her unusual style of hair and garment, the patches of pigment on the marble, unwashed for two thousand years; is it mud or were the sculptures painted to appear realistic? Is she a priestess or a wealthy benefactor? Were the sculptures carved during her lifetime or after her death?

It is this mystery of flesh and stone; the mist between the real and mythological woman, that offers artistic inspiration. see Rock Face 

What is the difference between Fundilia and Diana?

We only know about them from what has been carved/written/painted, survived the test of time and then made available to our eyes and ears so that we may try to understand what was and imagine what may have been.

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‘When I look at the land it reminds me of my body’ Theresa Caruana 2012

'Remember the beginning?' Theresa Caruana 2003

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Documentation of ‘Rock Face’ video installation, part of Nemi Anywhere public art exhibition in September 2012 at Nottingham’s Highfields Park. 

""The finitude of geometrical space cannot encompass the infinitude of emotion." Karl Figlio (1996) Knowing, Loving and Hating Nature: A Psychoanalytic View." Posted 1 year ago


‘Joseph’s Torso’ by Theresa Caruana 2012 foam board sculpture in Nottingham’s Highfields Park (left). Projection onto ‘Joseph’s Torso’ of Lymph System from Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy. Revised by G.J. Romanes. Oxford University Press 13th ed 1966.

'Lady and the lake' Caruana 2012 - Installation shot. Nemi Anywhere source material.

Trevi Fountain, Rome.  Theresa Caruana Feb 2006

'Nemi Anywhere; I am Fundilia' source material Caruana 2012